The Bipolar Puppet Fight Song – World Bipolar Day

Every year on March 30th, the mental health community comes together to observe World Bipolar Day. This is a special time for us, because it gives us the opportunity to connect with friends, raise awareness, and normalize things we deal with on a daily basis.

While little has felt “normal” as of late, we need to remember that we are still strong. We can continue to fight on, even in the face of adversary. We have more strength than we realize, and now is the time to self-care, take advantage of rest, enjoy our loved ones, and look for new and improved ways of doing things.

Although things have been hard, we continue the best way we know how…and that is a beautiful thing. If you feel things are getting too tough, please reach out to someone. Whatever you are experiencing, we are in this together. You are not alone.

It is my hope, that when things have you down, you will sing this little ditty, and fight on.

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